I could drown in your kerosene eyes, Kristian

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Kristian Mattson, aka. The Tallest Man On Earth, aka. God-like Creature With A Voice That Could Melt Butter And Songwriting Chops To Rival Dylan, has recorded another Long Player. It’s due to be released in June and I cannot wait. Am clamouring to review it for one of the music publications I write for – mainly because I want to get my hands on it before its release date. Also because I don’t think anyone else is fit to review it, obviously.

His show at the Corner Hotel last year was one of the Top 3 I’ve seen ever – intense and hypnotic, marked by the blood, sweat and tears left on the stage and in the crowd. And he definitely made eye contact with me, just saying.

This song – specifically, this version of this song – is my Top Played on iTunes by a long shot, and easily one of my favourite recordings. It is a lullaby for old folk souls like me, and on a loop would dead set put me in a blissed-out semi-comatose state, floating somewhere above mere mortals, maybe perched on The Tallest Man’s shoulders, glassy eyes transfixed on nothing, and a tingly feeling down my spine… Did someone just walk over my grave?

If anyone knows anywhere I can get an early copy of  There’s No Leaving Now from, or anyone who needs a review of it, I am more than happy to grovel, beg, borrow, steal for it. I want it. On my stereo, in my car, when I’m walking. I want it now. Until then, I will zombie out to this video some more…

You can stream the album via Inertia Music on SoundCloud in the meantime here.

  1. […] know I’ve blogged about him more than once – as one of the best gigs of 2011 and his new album – but he really is an artist that warrants this […]

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